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  • 7.4V 1260110 9800mAh 灯具聚合物锂电池.jpg

3.7V 9800mAh 1260110 Li-polymer battery for lighting

公司主要产品有石墨烯宽温镍氢电池、镍氢动力电池、高功率镍氢电池、高温镍氢电池、低温镍 氢电池、充电器等产品。


Lipolymer battery

Lipo battery


3.7V lipo battery



Product Details

Cells model NO.: 3.7V 9800mAh 1260110

12.0×60.0×110.0mm(Max, MM)


Nominal Voltage: 3.7V


Nominal Capacity: 9800mAh


Charging End of Voltage: 4.2V


Discharging End of Voltage: 3.2V


Working temperature: Charge: 0~70℃, Discharge: -20~60℃


Storage temperature range: {12 months, -20℃ to +25℃}, {6 months, -20℃ to +35℃}, {3months, -20℃ to +45℃}


Standard Charge: 0.1C Charge 12 hours


Standard Discharge: 0.2C Discharge to 3.2V


Rapid Charge: 0.5C Charge 2.4 hours


Rapid Discharge: 1.0C Discharge to 3.2V


Internal Resistance: ≤ 120


Battery Weight: 66g


Battery Packing: PVC


Standards: IEC61951IEC62133& GBT22084


Product Advantage

battery advantage: Overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, discharge overcurrent protection, discharge short-circuit protection



Applications: Lighting

● We've worked with Samsung, Siemens and Motorola for more than 10years.
● Various battery sizes: AAAA, AAA, AA,A, SC, C, D, M and F.
● OEM 2-way radio batteries awailable.
● 4 factories with 30,000㎡ total area.
● Received Gold Prize at the 2013 International Invention Fair in Paris.
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2013 Paris International Fair - Gold NiMH battery.
2014 Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition Silver Award A high-temperature nickel-metal hydride battery manufacturing method.
2014 Golden Award for the 8th China International Invention Exhibition A method for manufacturing high-temperature nickel-metal hydride batteries.
The 4th Iran Azad International Invention Expo gold medal for the production process of Ni-MH battery.
2014 Thailand International Invention Exhibition Gold Award New NiMH battery



主要产品:石墨烯宽温镍氢电池、镍氢动力电池、高功率镍氢电池、高温镍氢电池、低温镍 氢电池、充电器等产品。